The Ocean Claims Its Own

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The Ocean Claims Its Own is a fell cargo treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Text[edit | edit source]

While your crew search a wreck, the deck heaves and water bursts through the rotting hole. What is left of the ship begins to sink, taking its cargo with it. Your crew only have time to salvage a few crates before the ocean claims it, but what should they save?

Choices[edit | edit source]

Castle-Forged Steel[edit | edit source]

A haul of high quality weapons and armour for the battlefield.

Your army will perform better in battle.

During your adventure on the high seas you salvaged heavy armour and an arsenal of weapons.

  • Treasury +1500
  • Heavy Iron
    • Duration 10 turns
    • Armour-piercing damage: +8
    • Armour +15
    • Weapon strength +8%

The Captain's Chest[edit | edit source]

In the captain's chest are rare maps to reveal the way and unspoilt rations to feed the warriors.

Your army will perform better in campaign.

Your exploration of the high seas has born fruit: a bounty of maps to uncharted realms, revealing more of the world.

  • Magic item (common? example: Potion of Foolhardiness)
  • Trunk of Maps
    • Duration 10 turns
    • Magic item drop chance +25%
    • Campaign line of sight +50%