The Power That Surrounds Us

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The Power That Surrounds Us is a mysterious island treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Mist clings to the ground, and stubbornly refuses to shift even as your followers stride forth. They approach a place of ancient power. It is forbidding, but those who dare to tread here may be rewarded, or so the prophecy scrawled into the map states.

Power of Rage[edit | edit source]

Your warriors enter an insatiable frenzy that gives them no thought of self-preservation. They shrug off blows in this state.
Your army will perform better in battle.


Power of Prescience[edit | edit source]

The shroud of war will furl back and your army's momentum will quicken.
Your army will perform better on the campaign map.

  • Treasury +1500
  • Favourable Winds:
    • Duration: 10 turns.
    • Your exploits on the high seas have heralded benign weather, allowing for greater movement in these regions.