The Remnants

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The Remnants is a mysterious island treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Description[edit | edit source]

A strange campsite is discovered,, populated by statues. A fire still burns and a cooking pot bubbles and yet no living thing attends, just statues fashioned in the throes of a failed escape. Then, in the undergrowth, something hisses - this needs to be a lightning-fast raid!

Choices[edit | edit source]

Fortified Grog[edit | edit source]

A mug of this gives a boost to morale, movement and army-wide regeneration in battle.

Your army will perform better in battle.


Your encounter on the high seas is not one the crew or troops will readily talk about, yet they have gained regenerative abilities since the event...

Those Who Escaped[edit | edit source]

These fleet-footed escapees will increase your movement range and replenish your armies.

Your army will perform better in campaign.


During your dalliances on the high seas you came across stranded crew, willing to join you in exchange for food and rescue.