The Silver Host

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“Hidden high in the mountains is said to be the Lair of the Serpent Queen. Rumour persists of this powerful woman who has carved out a palace high in the peaks and holds court over an army of snake men.”

A Guide to the Known World.[3a]
The Silver Host
Wh2 main vmp the silver host crest.png
General data
TypeMinor faction
CategoryVampire Counts
RulerCount Ewald
CampaignsMortal Empires

The Silver Host is a Vampire Counts faction in Total War: Warhammer II.

They were one of two factions created for the Mortal Empires campaign, and were never part of the Eye of the Vortex campaign.

Description[edit | edit source]

After the fall of Strigos, the Lahmians exercised their power a second time, raising an army to take Silver Pinnacle from the Dwarfs and make it their own. From Silver Pinnacle, Neferata coordinated the Lahmians and their manipulations. As Human civilisation changed, so too did they, growing from consorts and hermits to eccentric nobles and seductive spies. Remaining in her stronghold, Neferata too changed, growing cold and idle. As she fell into the malaise that claims many ancient Vampires, her control of her agents waned. Though she rarely leaves the Silver Pinnacle, she remains in touch with her sisterhood through a network of mortal messengers and magical scrying.[1b][1c][1]

Starting territory[edit | edit source]

Mortal Empires

Diplomacy[edit | edit source]

Diplomatic traits:

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Strategy[edit | edit source]

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This faction is predisposed to recruit Lahmian Vampire Lords.