The Slayer of Kings

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The Slayer of Kings
Wh main anc weapon.png
One of a kind! Strong and long lasting effects. High costs and recharge.
RaceWarriors of Chaos
LordArchaon the Everchosen

The Slayer of Kings is a Weapon item introduced in Total War: Warhammer. It is available for Archaon the Everchosen.

It becomes available after winning the The Battle for the Slayer of Kings quest battle.

Description[edit | edit source]

The Second Everchosen, Vangel, trapped the Greater Daemon U'zuhl inside this regicidal blade.

Lore Background[edit | edit source]

A huge blade with the raging soul of a captive greater daemon, U'zhul, bound inside it. Archaon took it from the hands of the father of the Dragon Ogres, Krakanrok the Black, giving him a weapon that has drunk the blood of Kings for aeons.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Enables magic attacks
  • Melee attack: +6
  • Income from post-battle loot: +10%
  • Recruitment costs: -10% (Lord's army)
  • Icon corruption chs.pngChaos corruption: +5 (local province)
  • Ability: The Slayer of Kings
    • Type: Augment
    • Duration: 39 seconds
    • Target: Self
    • Cooldown: 120 seconds
    • Recharge if: Engaged in melee
    • Effects: +60% weapon damage, +60% armour-piercing damage, +32% splash attack power