They Who Whisper

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They Who Whisper is a High Elves Dilemmas.

High Elves at court partake in many manipulations to achieve their ends. A common tool is to employ lesser Elves and servants as go-betweens: whispering little birds carrying messages. This is not unexpected, but when one of these messengers is intercepted or revealed, there can be no choice but to excoriate them, to save oneself. Having had one such messenger revealed how do you advice the Phoenix King responds?

Choices[edit | edit source]

Employ the Messenger

  • -10 Influence
  • Advisor to the King: -10% enemy hero action success chance, +12% Tax rate (all provinces) (5 turns)

Denounce the Messenger

  • +10 Influence
  • Denounce the messenger: -5% Income from all buildings (5 turns)

Fire the Messenger

  • -8 Influence
  • Fire the messenger: +5% Income from all buildings (5 turns)

Change the Message

  • +18 Influence
  • Unhappy populace: -5 Public order (factionwide) (5 turns)