Throgg Defeated

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Throgg Defeated is a special dilemma for Norsca that appears after they defeat an enemy Wintertooth army led by Throgg in battle. It is the counterpart to Warlord Defeated and Wulfrik Defeated. This dilemma was added in Total War: Warhammer II Resurgent Update.

Options[edit | edit source]

The leader of Wintertooth, Throgg, has been defeated; the King of Trolls brought low at last. His followers look on in horror, their unwavering belief in their leader dashed in an instant, even this legend cannot deny your supremacy among all Norscans now. Surely this is the time to sieze control, bring his domain into yours, take all that was once his. Or, you may free him, as an insult perhaps - an unending torment for this foe. The choice is yours.

Form Confederation[edit | edit source]

Take everything! These men will find out what it is like to fight for a true Norscan leader soon enough.

  • Confederation formed with Wintertooth.

Release Throgg[edit | edit source]

The powerful need not concern themselves with the weak. We don't need their land or their problems.

  • Diplomatic relations -20 with Wintertooth.