Tiranoc (province)

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CampaignEye of the Vortex, Mortal Empires
ClimateTemperate island
Starting factionTiranoc (faction)
SettlementsDepends on campaign
Special buildingsHall of Charioteers, Palace of Tiranoc
For the faction, see Tiranoc.

Tiranoc is a Island province which first appeared in Total War: Warhammer II.

Settlements[edit | edit source]

Eye of the Vortex[edit | edit source]

Settlement Type Port Climate Starting faction Resources Special buildings
Tor Anroc Province capital Port Temperate Island Tiranoc Resource gold.png Gold Hall of Charioteers, Palace of Tiranoc
Salvation Isles Minor
The High Vale Minor Resource grain.png Pastures
Whitepeak Minor Resource marble.png Marble

Mortal Empires[edit | edit source]

Tor Anroc


  • Type: Minor settlement
  • Climate: Temperate island
  • Resource: Marble