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Tomb of the First Elector

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Tomb of the First Elector
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Legendary LordIsabella von Carnstein
FactionVampire Counts
Battle typeClassic
RewardBlood Chalice of Bathori

Tomb of the First Elector is a set piece battle in Total War: Warhammer.

Description[edit | edit source]

These ignorant Empire guards are ill-prepared to face Isabella's fury - there is no rage like that of the Vampire Countess, and she has much to dispense. Beyond them lies the tomb of Marbad the First Elector - who knows what has happened to him since his interment ? The weak, pathetic Sigmarite soldiers may not even know what it is they defend !

Intro Dialogue[edit | edit source]

Isabella Von Carstein : " Oh, these poor, fragile mortals... how they arrange themselves before me ; proud and defiant. Soon, I shall make them prostrate and subserviant. In death, they will become servants to the von Carsteins, pliable and deliciously loyal. Beyond this rabble is the tomb of a soul so great and so powerful that when it flows into this ancient chalice, the power bestowed upon me will make the world tremble !

Bring me what I am owed ! "

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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