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Front Page Change Proposals[edit | edit source]

  • New sections:
    • Add a formatted RSS feed from on the main page to display the latest news. I think this would look best above the twitter feed.
    • Add a campaign mechanics section, including pages such as Public Order, Technology/Research, Corruption, Heroes (Agents), Diplomacy, and so on. This would be in the same style as the current 'Battles' section
    • DLC should be pulled out into its own (small) section, with a preview of the latest 1-3 DLCs. Maybe something like .
    • I feel that there ought to be all playable factions on the front page (including sub-factions like Clan Angrund). If these were added we could make a section below the main factions for sub-factions (so 1st row for main factions, 2nd row for playable sub-factions).
    • It might be good to have an additional section for things like Multiplayer and Mods, but I'm not sure if there is sufficient content to warrant this.
  • Factions should probably be the content section nearest the top of the page, as it is the most fundamental part of Total War gameplay (it is the first thing you choose, and changes every other aspect of the game). Additionally, the battle and campaign gameplay information are mostly for people learning the game for the first time, so it becomes a hindrance and an annoyance if it is put at the top of the page and the user has to scroll or look past it every time they visit the front page. It is also not very useful for first-time players either, as simply listing the game mechanics does not explain enough about how they fit into the game to be a good route for learning the game. They would benefit most from a beginner's guide or similar article.
  • I prefer the layout used on the No Man's Sky gamepedia wiki frontpage (2 columns, rather than our 3, with the first column being 2/3rds width). The extra width for content makes it much less crowded. TW:W also has a surfeit of content so that layout would probably help here, too.
  • The summary of Total War: Warhammer on the front page needs to be changed so that it doesn't just refer to the first 5 Factions, as this makes it feel out of date. I think the best solution would be to remove all references to specific factions and replace it with something more generic about the overall game.
  • A minor point, but I don't think it's necessary to have the TW:W logo in the intro when it is already so large and prominent in this wiki's header.
  • Also, while not specifically a front-page issue, when the browser falls below a certain width, the centre logo occludes the page interaction buttons (edit, talk-page link, etcetera). This is simple enough to fix using CSS media queries, but needs to work with the existing responsive design elements. Additionally (though less important) is that at extremely thin widths The top-right interaction box occludes the article itself.

LunaShroom (talk) 08:03, 3 September 2017 (UTC)

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