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Set piece battles in Total War: Warhammer II are pre-made scenarios, where you confront an enemy army in the course of a quest. It has a pre-set composition and tactics, tied into the quest story arc. Each battle can be one of three types: Classic (either regular or siege), ambush, or underground intercept. As set piece battles are tied to legendary lords and factions, they also either offer powerful items or contribute to campaign completion.

All quest battles from the first Total War: Warhammer are also available when playing the Mortal Empires campaign, or when selecting Quest Battles from the main menu.

Some Legendary Lords are able to receive legendary items from random pop-up quests that do not require a set-piece battle to obtain.

Note: Battle names are mostly unofficial, added for clarity.

Legendary Lord Quests[edit | edit source]

Dark Elves Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
Shrine of Ultimate Darkness Malekith Iron Mountains TBA Circlet of Iron
Shrine of Vaul Malekith Caledor TBA Destroyer
Confrontation in the Mosquito Swamps Malekith Mosquito Swamps TBA Supreme Spellshield
The Walls of Arnheim Morathi The Black Coast TBA Heartrender & the Darksword
Deathsword & the Cursed Blade Crone Hellebron Iron Mountains TBA Deathsword & the Cursed Blade
Helm of the Kraken Lokhir Fellheart TBA TBA Helm of the Kraken

High Elves Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
Defense of Vaul’s Anvil Tyrion Caledor TBA Dragon Armour of Aenarion
Spilling Blood at the Tower of Hoeth Tyrion Yvresse TBA Sunfang
Recovering the Crown of Saphery Teclis The Forbidden Jungle TBA War Crown of Saphery
Confrontation at Vaul’s Anvil Teclis Caledor TBA Sword of Teclis
The Moonbow Alith Anar Iron Peaks TBA The Moonbow
Star of Avelorn Alarielle the Radiant Aghol Wastelands TBA Star of Avelorn
Talisman of Hoeth Eltharion Yvresse TBA Talisman of Hoeth
Final Battle for Tor Yvresse Eltharion Yvresse ? Campaign Victory
Armour of Caledor Imrik Fill in later ? Armour of Caledor
Shackolot the Calamity Imrik Later ? Shackolot the Calamity
Gordinar, Champion of the Flame Imrik Later ? Gordinar, Champion of the Flame
Bruwor, Protector of Life Imrik Later ? Bruwor, Protector of Life
Ymwrath the Eternal Imrik Later ? Ymwrath the Eternal
Lamoureux the Frozen Breath Imrik Later ? Lamoureux the Frozen Breath

Lizardmen Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
Defense of the Fallen Gates Lord Mazdamundi Isthmus of Lustria TBA Sunburst Standard of Hexoatl
Trespassers of the Crimson Skull Lord Mazdamundi The Creeping Jungle TBA Cobra Mace of Mazdamundi
The Well of Time Kroq-Gar Mosquito Swamps TBA Revered Spear of Tlanxla
March on the Fallen Gates Kroq-Gar Forests of the Viper TBA Hand of Gods
Plaque of Sotek Tehenhauin Southern Great Jungle (EotV) TBA Plaque of Sotek
Mask of Heavens Tiktaq'to Western Jungles (EotV) TBA Mask of Heavens
Lord Kroak (set piece battle) Any lord Southern Jungles (Kroq-Gar, Tiktaq'to)
Mosquito Swamps (Mazdamundi, Tehenhauin)
TBA Lord Kroak (unique hero)

Skaven Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
Queek in Warp Shard Caverns Queek Headtaker Shifting Mangrove Coastline TBA Warp-Shard Armour
The Gouger Gully Queek Headtaker The Red Rivers TBA Dwarf Gouger
Recovering the Liber Bubonicus Lord Skrolk Southern Great Jungle TBA The Liber Bubonicus
Rat-Spawn and Crimson Skull Lord Skrolk Jungles of Green Mist TBA Rod of Corruption
Lucky Skullhelm Tretch Craventail The Black Coast TBA Lucky Skullhelm
Storm Daemon Ikit Claw Mosquito Swamps TBA Storm Daemon

Tomb Kings Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
The Crown of Nehekhara Settra the Imperishable Nagarythe TBA The Crown of Nehekhara
The Blessed Blade of Ptra Settra the Imperishable Shifting Sands TBA The Blessed Blade of Ptra
The Venom Staff High Queen Khalida Shifting Sands TBA The Venom Staff
The Liche Staff Grand Hierophant Khatep Obsidian Peaks TBA The Liche Staff
The Tomb Blade of Arkhan Arkhan the Black Western Jungles TBA The Tomb Blade of Arkhan
The Staff of Nagash Arkhan the Black Shifting Sands TBA The Staff of Nagash

Vampire Coast Quests[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Location Map Reward
? Luthor Harkon Sea of Serpents (EotV) TBA Slann Gold
? Count Noctilus The Vampire Coast (waterway) (EotV) TBA Captain Roth's Moondial
? Aranessa Saltspite Sea of Chaos (EotV) TBA Kraken's Bane
Cylostra's Bordeleaux Flabellum (Bretonnians) Cylostra Direfin Chrace (EotV) TBA Bordeleaux Flabellum
Cylostra's Bordeleaux Flabellum (High Elves) Cylostra Direfin Eataine (EotV) TBA Bordeleaux Flabellum

Campaign Quests[edit | edit source]

Eye of the Vortex Quests for Dark Elves, High Elves, Lizardmen, and Skaven[edit | edit source]

Battle Location Map Note
The Final Battle The Isle of the Dead TBA Campaign Victory
Battle for the Vortex The Isle of the Dead TBA TBA

Eye of the Vortex Quests for Tomb Kings[edit | edit source]

Battle Location Map Note
Battle of the Black Pyramid Great Mortis Delta TBA Contributes to Campaign Victory

New Norscan Hunts (Mortal Empires Only)[edit | edit source]

Battle Tier Location Map Reward
Monster Hunt: Mother of the Flame 3 Eataine TBA Burning Phoenix Pinion
Monster Hunt: Gargantulzan 3 The Creeping Jungle TBA Carnosaur Skull
Monster Hunt: The Beast of Raema 3 Aghol Wastelands TBA Hydra Head
Monster Hunt: The Hellbeast of Seep-Gore 3 TBA TBA Warpstone Teeth