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The following is a guide to creating or editing mainspace pages on the Total War: WARHAMMER Wiki in accordance with the established article style. These guidelines are not set in stone, but they should generally be followed in order to maintain consistency across pages, unless there is a good reason to make an exception.

Standard Wiki markups can be found at

Page Types[edit | edit source]

Different page types require different page formats. See the following examples:

Any proposals for new page types, or for changes to the existing ones, should be posted on the Article Design Tests page with a prototype.

General Guidelines[edit | edit source]

  • The first instance of the page title should be in bold text, you can do this manually or with the PAGENAME template eg: {{PAGENAME}}. This should usually be in the first sentence of the article. No other instance of the page title should be in bold.
  • All pages should use British English spelling, as this matches the in-game style.
  • All page names should be capitalised (e.g. Foot Squires), to match the in-game style.
  • The first instance of a name of another page, on a page should always be linked, via double brackets (e.g. [[Foot Squires]]). Further mentions of the same page should generally not be linked, though multiple identical links can exist if they occur far from each other and would be helpful to readers. An example might be one link in the introductory section along with an identical link in a section, table, or template occurring further down. Duplicate links may be especially helpful on larger pages that would require scrolling to find an item's first mention.

Talk[edit | edit source]

Talk pages are for suggestions regarding the structure or contents of a page, or for a discussion with a user. When editing a Talk: page, use ==Section Title== to create a new section header if the topic you want to discuss is not already on the page. For example, ==New Format Suggestion== to suggest a change in the format of a page. If the topic you wanted to discuss is already on the page, you should use a colon(:) before your reply to make it easier to follow the flow of comments. When you are finished with your editing, insert a break tag by using <br/> to move your signature to the next line and then sign it using -- ~~~~.