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Set piece battles in Total War: Warhammer are pre-made scenarios, where you confront an enemy army in the course of a quest. It has a pre-set composition and tactics, tied into the quest story arc. Each battle can be one of three types: Classic (either regular or siege), ambush, underground / intercept. As set piece battles are tied to legendary lords and factions, they also offer powerful items for use.

Note: Battle names are mostly unofficial, added for clarity.

List[edit | edit source]

Battle Legendary Lord Faction Location / Map
The Battle for the Crown of Domination Archaon the Everchosen Warriors of Chaos
Battle of the Cliff of Beasts Archaon the Everchosen Warriors of Chaos
The Battle for the Slayer of Kings Archaon the Everchosen Warriors of Chaos
The Battle of Todtheim Archaon the Everchosen Warriors of Chaos
The Battle for Auric Armour Sigvald the Magnificent Warriors of Chaos
The Battle for the Sliverslash Sigvald the Magnificent Warriors of Chaos
Slaughter at Grimminhagen
Ashes of Kelp and Koldust (The Dark Mail)
The Battle of the Shadow Forest (Icons of Vilification)
The Battle of Stir River (The Icons of Vilification)
The Fall of Man
The Ruins of Mordheim
Outskirts of Altdorf
Glacial Lake
Devastation of Ostermark
Ruins of Ostermark
Morgur’s Ritual
Battle of the Ashenhall
Battle of Cairns
Defence of the Oak
Defence of the Silver Spire
The Night Glens Battle
Battle of the Witherhold
Defence of the Oak of Ages
Battle for the Hammer of Angrund
Purge of Belegar’s Ancestors
Battle of Death Pass
Ambush at Karak Eight Peaks
Sneaky Gobbo at Barrier Idols
Wurrzag at da Black Fire Pass
Da Squiggly Beast and Gashtooth
The Estalian Tomb
Wars of Errantry: Chaos Wastes
Wars of Errantry: Badlands
The Fiends of Chaos
Defense of La Maisontaal Abbey
Grudgebearer in Troll Country
Ritual at the Pillar of Bone
High King’s Vengeance
Defense of Black fire Pass
Ambush at the Thundering Falls
Purge of High Pass
Troll Slayer at Broken Leg Gully
Slaying at Leitziger Ford
Ancient Dragon Cave and the Dead
The Dead at the Estalian Tomb
The Dead at Marbad’s Tomb
Battle of Broken Leg Gully
Battle of the Ancient Dragon Cave
Battle of High Pass
Duel with Orr
Battle of Black Fire Pass
Battle of Bloodpine Woods
The Threat from the North
Shrine of Ill Omen
Burial Mount of Grudsnik da Magnificent
Looting Todtheim
Battle of Leitziger Ford
Battle of Barrier Idols
Cheating Beardy Gits at Broken Leg Gully
Grimgor, Chaos, and the High Pass
Stomping Humies at High Pass
Battle at the Thundering Falls
Quest for the Chaos Tomb Blade
Lichemaster’s Strike
Corpses of the Broken Empire
Pathetic Effigies
Archaic Tactics
Battle of Hel Fenn
Arcane Fulcrum
Bitter Foes
Grombrindal at the Golden Monolith
Valaya’s Realm
Aid of the White Dwarf
Fury of the Beastmen
Tomb of the First Elector
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