Tribute to the Sea Gods

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Tribute to the Sea Gods is a remnants of battle treasure hunt introduced in Total War: Warhammer II.

Text[edit | edit source]

Your followers have come upon two shipwrecks. Battle at sea pleases not just the gods of war but the gods of the sea as well. Salvage from such a vicious battle is possible, but the sea gods demand their tribute, so only a quarter of the cargo should be taken.

Options[edit | edit source]

Arabyan Arms[edit | edit source]

Your exploits on the high seas has led to the salvage of arcane imbued blades, enhancing your army's combat skills.

  • Magic item (common?)
  • Enscorcelled Blades
    • Duration: 10 turns
    • Melee defence +8
    • Melee attack +8

Fell Cargo[edit | edit source]

Sealed crates are recovered, containing pickled eggs to keep warriors healthy and sea charts revealing more of the world.

During your adventures on the high seas you procured a bounty of rations to stave off attrition and ill-health.

  • Treasury +1500
  • Wax-sealed rations
    • Duration 10 turns
    • Upkeep -10% for all units
    • Attrition: -50% casualties suffered from high seas, reef, maelstrom and storm attrition.