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"I care nothing for pitiful little worlds, or the nations of pale grubs that writhe upon them. I am like unto a god, Malus. You could be, too. If you are worthy."

Tz'arkan, the Drinker of Worlds[9a]
FactionDark Elves
CategoryDark Elves melee infantry
legendary lord
Unit size1

Tz’arkan, the Drinker of Worlds, is an ancient daemon of Slaanesh, last seen during the First Chaos Incursion. A coven of Chaos Sorcerers imprisoned Tz'arkan in an attempt to harness its power for themselves, they would gain this power, but suffered horrible fates in their attempt to hide from Tz'arkans wrath, who remained imprisoned in the Chaos Wastes.

Ages later, the prison was discovered and breached by the druuchi Malus Darkblade, who in his greed for Tz'arkans treasure, released the daemon, who then took hold over his soul. In order to regain it, Malus had to find the anicent relics that was used to bind Tz'arkan, and use them to release the Drinker of Worlds.

Whispers of Tz'arkan[edit | edit source]

Bound as one, Tz'arkan's possessive power constantly saps at Malus' mind. Throughout the campaign, Tz'arkan will whisper mockeries and insults upon the player. besides that, he offers unique side quests with special rewards.

Item name Type Description Effect
Balneth Bale Followers The Ruthless commander of the Black Ark of Naggor is also Malus' uncle on his mother's side.
  • Income from post-battle loot: +10% (Factionwide)
  • Melee attak: +8 when fighting at sea (units in army)
  • Black Ark growth: +5 (Factionwide)
Eldire Followers Despite being a Druchii of pure, noble blood - with all the vicious tendencies that entails - and a powerful Sorceress, Eldire still displays a strong maternal instinct towards her broken, possessed son.
  • Winds of Magic power reserve + 30
  • Leadership + 5 (all units in army)
  • Wound recovery time: -3
Urial Followers Malus' half-brother may well be crippled, and as such should have been forsaken to die, but he remains a Chosen of Khaine and a priest of the Murder-God.
  • Public order: +4 (local province)
  • Construction cost: -30% for all buildings (local province)
  • Untainted: +5 (local province)
Nagaira Followers Malus' sister is an immensely powerful Sorceress in league with the Chaos gods, whose goals and motives are perfectly aligned with those of the Ruinous Powers whom she serve.
  • Winds of Magic power reserve: + 30
  • Winds of Magic cost: -1 for all spells
Spirit of Lurhan Followers Though he will kill on the spot anyone who brings up the matter, Darkblade was in fact born a bastard - his father being Lurhan Fellblade, the fearsome, undefeated Vaulkhar of Hag Graef.
  • Enemy leadership: -10 (local region)
Idol of Darkness Item Although not as powerfull as the fabled Idol of Kolkuth, this lesser piece still gives the wielder control over the fabrics of time, though for a limited time only.
  • Aura, 25m: enemies in range gets -5 melee Defense and -48% speed.
Octagonal Medallion Item This brass medallion, covered in runes, has the power to dampen the potency of the Winds of Magic.
  • Magic resistance: 25%
  • Ward save: 5%

Abilities upon Transformation[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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