Undead Sentinels

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Undead Sentinels is a treasure hunt that can occur when searching ruins in Total War: Warhammer II.

Guide[edit | edit source]

Clearly a necromancer has been at work here! In the distance you see a small group of corpses, crowded around the entrance to a ruined building. What brings the undead here? What can they possibly be guarding?

Back away[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing Happens

Approach carefully[edit | edit source]

Upon closer inspection you see they are merely corpses propped up on sticks, intended to protect something. Investigation of the ruins reveals a small hoard of ritual currency within.

or, as Tomb Kings / if not playing Eye of the Vortex

  • Nothing Happens

Attack from range[edit | edit source]

Look elsewhere[edit | edit source]

  • Nothing Happens