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Not to be confused with the Under-City building.

Under-Cities are a special type settlement available to Skaven factions which can be established secretly underneath settlements owned by other factions. They are similar to the Pirate Coves of the Vampire Coast.

Under-Cities were added in the Doomsayers Update, due to popular community demand.

How they work[edit | edit source]

  • Under-Cities can be established by choosing the Expand Under-Empire settlement option after defeating a settlement's garrison.
  • Additionally, Skaven Engineers can establish Under-Cities without needing a battle.
  • Under-Cities will be destroyed by razing the settlement entirely.
  • Under-Cities have their own buildings available for construction, separate to regular Skaven buildings.
  • Under-Cities have no garrison.

Discoverability[edit | edit source]

  • Under-Cities and the buildings they construct are invisible to all other factions as long as they are not discovered.
  • Most buildings in an Under-City increase the discoverability rating.
  • Settlement owners can also construct buildings to increase discoverability.
  • The higher the discoverability, the more likely the Under-City is to be discovered, and probably destroyed.
  • If discoverability reaches 100, it will be discovered.

Buildings list[edit | edit source]

  • Rat King Warcamp: destroys the undercity when at tier 5, builds an army outside the settlement(which can be improved through research) and declares war on the settlement owner
  • Doomsphere: razes the settlement above after 15 turns of building. (need to be playing as clan skrye which available in the Prophet and the Warlock DLC)
  • Grand Plague Cauldron: An unending plague will be unleashed upon building completion, blighting all above until the Under-City is destroyed. (Clan Pestilens exclusive)