Warherd of the One-Eye

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Warherd of the One-Eye
General data
TypePlayable faction
RulerKhazrak the One-Eye
CampaignsAn Eye For An Eye
RegionalN/A horde
Distinct features
Icon horde.pngHorde:The faction has no settlements. Infrastructure and military improvements are linked to each individual Beastmen horde.
Bullet chs corruption.pngCorruption:Chaos corruption can be spread in enemy territory, leading to public order problems and even Chaos rebellions.
Bullet bst beastpaths.pngBeast Paths:Beastmen armies have access to the Beast Paths stance, allowing them to bypass impassable terrain.
Bestial rage.pngBestial Rage:Each army has a Bestial Rage meter that rises when fighting and raiding. It provides an allied AI army when full and causes attrition when low.
Bullet bst the dark moon.pngThe Dark Moon:A powerful recurring event that provides significant bonuses to Beastmen armies.
Bullet bst units.png Aggressive unit roster with a variety of fast-moving beasts and monsters.
Warherd of the One-Eye requires Call of the Beastmen to play.

Warherd of the One-Eye is the playable Beastmen faction in An Eye For An Eye, a mini campaign in Total War: Warhammer.

It is led by Khazrak the One-Eye and has the same crest as the regular Beastmen playable faction.

Khazrak must be your starting lord, but Malagor the Dark Omen can be later recruited by constructing a Ritual Mound. Morghur the Shadowgave cannot be used in this campaign.

Starting Location[edit | edit source]

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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