Warlord Defeated

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Warlord Defeated is a special dilemma for Norsca/Wintertooth that appears after they defeat an enemy Norscan Tribes faction leader's army in battle. This dilemma was added in Total War: Warhammer II Resurgent Update.

Options[edit | edit source]

The leader of the [insert tribe name] tribe has been defeated; a once powerful warlord now reduced to obscurity beneath your might. For as your stand tall in victory he kneels at your side, hands in chains, his followers stood amongst yours, brought to a halt in anticipation of your next utterance. His men now see him as weak and unfit to lead any longer, this is a chance for you to take control of this faction's forces and land, as well as it's followers' dubious loyalty.

Though, while the allure of land may appear to make this choice a simple one, do not let the challenges that a larger empire creates escape you - perhaps simply killing this man and letting whatever is left of his faction fade into memory is a more fitting end...

Form Confederation[edit | edit source]

Take everything! These men will find out what it is like to fight for a true Norscan leader soon enough.

  • Confederation formed with the [faction name] tribe.

Execute Enemy Warlord[edit | edit source]

The powerful need not concern themselves with the weak. We don't need their land or their problems.

  • Diplomatic relations: -20 with [faction name]
  • Enemy leader is killed... permanently

Release Enemy Warlord[edit | edit source]

This man has earned the right to live. Perhaps this will benefit us in time?

  • Diplomatic relations: +20 with [faction name]