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The Warriors of Chaos tech tree consists of technologies that unlock new advantages throughout the game. Research takes place constantly, but the rate at which discoveries occur can be increased by using heroes to spy or building additional research buildings at your settlements.

Tech tree[edit | edit source]

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Technologies[edit | edit source]

Tech Prerequisite Cost Effects Description
Wh main chs the path to ruination.png The Path to Ruination When ultimate power is the prize, expect a perilous journey indeed…
Wh main chs scrutiny of the dark gods.png Scrutiny of the Dark Gods
Let the Marauders gather under their Ruinous masters' eternal gaze.
  • Recruitment cost: -15% for Marauder units
There are signs and portents that the tribes have long learned to identify. When women start weeping blood, when mutations increase and the call of the Manticore is heard over the wind - these are the signs that the Chaos Gods have cast their eyes and that eternal war is at hand. And so the Marauders gather in large numbers, awaiting a "Three-eyed King".
Wh main chs skulls for the skull throne.png Skulls for the Skull Throne
Khorne desires skulls, so gifts his followers with the initiative to find them. Every. Single. One.
  • Income from post-battle loot: +10%
Within the Brass Citadel sits Khorne atop a mountain of skulls, each one cleaved from their host in the Blood God's name. This pleases him greatly, for the taller his throne, the higher the death toll, the greater the chaos unleashed. He may even reward those that collect the most with some token gesture or gift, be it a smouldering hide or even a brass collar - such are the ways of the Gods.
Wh main chs rituals of corruption.png Rituals of Corruption
Rituals performed to please the Gods may see an increase in favour.
  • Income from sacking settlements: +10%
Once the sacking of a settlement has begun, the correct rituals will not only ensure the place is truly despoiled but also that the Dark Gods themselves see the discord and ruination, be pleased, and look fondly upon their agents. Of course, attracting the attention of the Chaos Gods is not always the best option, for they are fickle, but those who tread the Path to Ruination are clearly not averse to risk.
Wh main chs lure of dark promises.png The Lure of Dark Promises
Chaos is a seductive force.
Wh main chs banners of ruin.png Banners of Ruin
Fell runes that burn the eyes when looked upon adorn Marauder banners, showing a tribe's true devotion.
  • Leadership: +5 for Marauder units
The Norse, amongst other Marauder tribes, daub their ragged banners with the shapes and runes of their Gods. Crows and serpents are common sigils, along with skulls and the all-consuming Chaos Star. Then there are the marks that give the true names of the Dark Gods; such runes are not meant for mortal eyes.
Wh main chs duels to the death.png Duels to the Death
The names of the worthy, decided by violent duel.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Marauder unit recruits
No Marauder Chieftain is elevated to power out of privilege alone. Should the Dark Gods be looking, he will garner the most attention, so must fight for the right to lead. This is why a weak leader will not be tolerated and quickly be challenged to bloody combat. So it has always been amongst the Northmen.
Wh main chs culling of the weak.png Culling of the Weak
Stragglers will not be entertained. If you can't keep the pace, you are food for the Warhounds.
  • Range: +5% for Marauder Horsemen units
  • Speed: +10% for Chaos Warhound units
  • Speed: +10% for Marauder units

The weak will be culled. For the Northmen, this is as much an absolute truth as the motion of the tides. If a man grows to adulthood without showing a thirst for violence he is likely to be exiled or simply killed. Even those that make it to the raiding parties will be mercilessly left to die if they stumble or fail to keep up; it is merely the act of cutting off a septic limb, lest the host be weakened.
Wh main chs erection of ruinous monuments.png Erection of Ruinous Monuments
Tributes and monuments to the Dark Powers ensure the Chaos Gods' favour.
  • Income from sacking settlements: +20%
Glorifying acts, those that praise the Chaos Gods, may lead to the granting of great favour. A tribute can be simple; a pile of victims' skulls in adulation of Khorne or the daubing of a desecrated temple with the runes of Tzeentch. Whatever the act, the monument itself does not matter as much as the sentiment intended.
Wh main chs unholy communion.png Unholy Communion Once promises have been made, the Champion is far along the road to damnation.
Wh main chs dark standards.png Dark Standards
The Warriors of Chaos carry dark banners, bearing sigils and runes that writhe as if alive.
  • Leadership: +5 for Chaos Warrior and Aspiring Champion units
Dark standards, made in the far north or taken as trophies from campaigns past, are then changed and corrupted by Chaos. What was once the grand heraldry of the southern lands is daubed with the dread symbols of Chaos; withering runes that refuse to remain still even as they are being scrawled.
Wh main chs aspiration for greatness.png Aspiration for Greatness
All Chaos Warriors aspire to great deeds in the Chaos Gods' name, for Daemonhood awaits the greatest of their number.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Chaos Warrior and Aspiring Champion unit recruits
There are many mortals who vie for even a flicker of the Chaos Gods' attention. Most will be ignored or simply fall by the wayside as another damned soul, but those that aspire to true greatness - they who rise above the ranks of the indeterminate to be chosen - are inexorably linked by fate to the Dark Powers for evermore.
Wh main chs a thousand twisted blessings.png A Thousand Twisted Blessings
Such a generous gift is the thousand twisted blessings, think of all the needle teeth and tentacles it bestows.
  • Charge bonus: +10% for Chaos Troll units
  • Melee attack: +5 for Chaos Spawn units
  • Weapon strength: +5% for Chaos Spawn units
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Forsaken units
  • Melee defence: +5 for Chaos Troll units

A special gift for the Forsaken, given freely by the Chaos Gods to their most devout of children. A thousand little blessings can give the receiver many poisonous needle teeth, eye clutches and writhing limbs - the better to ravage and harvest souls for their benefactors. Glorious!
Wh main chs superhuman prowess.png Supernatural Prowess
Chaos Warriors have been touched by Chaos, gaining fighting abilities far beyond those of normal men.
  • Melee attack: +5 for Chaos Warrior, Aspiring Champion and Chosen units
Chaos Warriors may once have been of men, but donning Chaos Armour has changed them both in body and mind. The touch of a Dark God has denoted them as Warriors for their patron, marked among his possessions. The God, in turn, may gift his chosen ones with a fighting prowess beyond that of normal men so as not to appear lacklustre on the battlefield.
Wh main chs blood for the blood god.png Blood for the Blood God
The Blood God never tires of hearing the war cry screamed in his name.
  • Income from post-battle loot: +20%
Those that shout the Blood God's infamous war cry should expect his attention, even if for the briefest of moments. However, invoking the Fog of War comes at a price. The battle must be won or else it will be Khorne's wrath, and not his favour, that will be in ready supply.
Wh main chs pledges to the dark gods.png Pledges to the Dark Gods Final pledges are made by aspirants who have long since bargained away their souls for ultimate power.
Wh main chs pennants of chaos.png Pennants of Chaos
Like the banners held by infantry, the Knights of Chaos ride to war with blasphemous pennants.
  • Leadership: +5 for Chaos Knights and Chosen units
Whether held aloft by plodding infantry or in the arms of a Chaos Knight on hellish steed, the banners and pennants of Chaos mark the regiments that carry them as servants to the Ruinous Powers. The beings that dare march under such diabolic symbols care not for other mortals, but know they act under the eyes of the Chaos Gods, and therefore with a measure of their protection.
Wh main chs gaze of the dark gods.png Gaze of the Dark Gods
All hope to catch the attention of the Gods, gathering where they think the Chaos Gods will be looking.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Exalted Heroes
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Chaos Warrior and Aspiring Champion units

The Eye of the Gods is constantly roving to find great Champions, diabolical souls or simply mass carnage to cause amusement. Such events and glorifying acts will cause many Chaos Warriors to gather, drawn in the hope that the Dark Gods will glance down and see them, witness their devotion and award the worthy with great power and gifts.
Wh main chs second to none.png Slaves to Darkness
The elite of the Chaos Warriors are the Chosen and the Chaos Knights. They are the Dark Gods' willing slaves.
  • Unit experience: +2 for Chaos Knights and Chosen unit recruits
The Slaves to Darkness are those most committed to the ruination of the mortal realm. They are the most favoured of the Dark Powers' many mortal servants - the Chosen and the Chaos Knights. It is not for nothing that the Chosen are so called, as it takes a special, extremely twisted being to serve the Gods with such fervour.
Wh main chs a wall of hungry mouths.png Inscribed Chaos Armour
Chaos Armour, inscribed with powerful litanies of hate, will glow hot and vengeful when struck.
  • Melee defence: +5 for Chaos Warriors, Aspiring Champion and Chaos Knights units
Chaos Armour is a gift from the Gods, an arcane suit of full-plate that is difficult to penetrate with conventional weapons. Yet as blasphemous as it may seem, it can be further improved upon. By inscribing the litanies of hate found in the Liber Malefic, the armour is hardened even more.
Wh main chs infernal march.png Infernal March
The Chaos Gods grow impatient. Lending a sliver of majesty, they enable their followers to march faster.
  • Campaign movement range: +10%
  • Casualty replenishment rate: +5%

Despite their immortal status, with time being a mere concept to the Chaos Gods, they still grow impatient - willing their followers on to bring about the world's destruction at a quicker pace. Frustrated with the tardiness of their armies, they see fit to gift their servants the ability to march for far longer than their foes.
Wh main chs daemonic pact.png Daemonic Pact A pact with the Dark Gods should not be taken lightly.
Wh main chs engines of mass destruction.png Engines of Mass Destruction
Powerful beasts and engines are enhanced if under the command of the Dark Gods.
  • Ammunition: +15% for Hellcannon units
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Chaos Chariots units
  • Reload time reduction: +15% for Hellcannon units
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Chaos Chariots and Hellcannons

The world cannot be conquered through close combat alone, despite Khorne's ceaseless demands. As mortal foes use artillery and exotic beasts, then so must the Chaos hordes. The Hellcannons must speak more often, and the Giants of Chaos have swollen muscles. That is what the Ruinous Powers demand, and so it shall be!
Wh main chs daemonic armour.png Daemonic Armour
Even more precious than Chaos Armour, this heavy plate is imbued with Daemonic essence.
  • Armour: +5 for Chaos Knights and Chosen units
Daemonic Armour is forged within the Realm of Chaos and imbued with Daemon essence. Runes of a Daemon's name are inscribed, binding the magical creature to it and heightening the protective qualities of the plate. The cost - for there is always a cost - is the slow consumption of the bearer's soul.
Wh main chs favour of the dark gods.png Favour of the Dark Gods
To be granted such favour is to be given untold power and a chance to rise above the ranks.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Chaos Sorcerers
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Chaos Knights and Chosen units

They are Chosen, the greatest of their fell kind. They have the favour of the Dark Gods and with it power and a chance to impress their masters. Such an opportunity is rare and so all of such a rank eagerly seek out retinues to prove just how worthy they really are.
Wh main chs ensorcelled weapons.png Ensorcelled Weapons
The arms of a Chaos Knight are imbued with a small but not inconsequential amount of Unholy power.
  • Melee attack: +5 for Chaos Knights
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Chaos Knights units

While many Chaos Knights ride to war with great lances, others brandish a deadly assortment of weapons - from cleavers and war-picks to heavy maces. These items can be imbued with magical power, that - while small compared to that of Archaon's sword - can still be a terrible thing to face. Imagine a whole unit wielding ensorcelled weaponry?
Wh main chs herald of doom.png Herald of Doom
Behold the Herald of Doom, a familiar eager to spread discord and panic with news that the Giants come.
  • Charge bonus: +10% for Chaos Feral Manticores
  • Melee attack: +5 for Dragon Ogre Shaggoth units
  • Melee attack: +7 for regular Dragon Ogre units
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Chaos Giant units
  • Weapon strength: +10% for Chaos Feral Manticores
  • Recruitment cost: -10% for Chaos Giant units

Daemonic familiars can be messengers for their masters, bringing news to Champions of Chaos or appearing before a trembling foe, spreading malicious discord of the threats that are marching to meet them. They are the rabble-rousers of Chaos, but nothing more than an amusement when compared to the true Heralds of Doom... And where are they? Patience is required for now, for all things come to those who wait...