Weaving house

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Weaving house
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CategoryBretonnia infrastructure building
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Build time:
Bonus effectsIncome generated: 250

Weaving House is a Bretonnia infrastructure building in Total War: Warhammer. The deft creation of cloth is one of the Empire�s specialties. Its flamboyant clothing wouldn�t exist without the weavers.

Background[edit | edit source]

Weaving in Bretonnia is a labor-intensive process; without the machinery and industrial production lines used by the empire, it falls upon the peasants to operate the massive looms by hand. It's back-breaking work, so foremen and overseers are required to ensure the peasants do not slacken off or pause to rest, and that they are dragged out of the way when the collapse from sheer exhaustion. It is their lot - the miserable, undeserving rabble should expect nothing less.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

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