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Total War: Warhammer is a turn-based and real-time strategy game developed by Creative Assembly.

About[edit | edit source]

Total War: Warhammer transplants the beloved gameplay of the Total War series into the enormously popular Warhammer fantasy setting created by Games Workshop. Players will be challenged with leading one of several factions as they attempt to wrest control of the land, with each different faction offering up its own gameplay mechanics and unique challenges.

The game will feature a sandbox campaign familiar to anyone that's played previous Total War titles. The turn-based portion of the game allows players to engage in long-term strategy as they make decisions that will shape their empire, while individual battles switch to real-time to allow each and every military decision to carry weight.

With more unit variety than ever before, and new refinements to the series' tried-and-tested foundational gameplay, Total War: Warhammer is a must-play for fans of the Total War and Warhammer franchises alike.

Game Features[edit | edit source]

  • Legendary lords - Play as one of eight established characters from the Warhammer universe, and customize your avatar with weapons, armour and magic earned via gameplay.
  • Wield powerful magic - For the first time in Total War history, magical abilities will be available to turn the tide of battle — not to mention supernatural creatures like dragons and griffons.
  • Four factions at launch - Players will be able to pick from the Empire, the Greenskins, the Dwarfs and the Vampire Counts, with various other factions set to be added via DLC.
  • Quest Mode - New to the Total War franchise, this mode will allow players to unlock special content by completing challenging battle scenarios.
  • Endless modding potential - Creative Assembly will release mod tools for players interested in creating new content, and the game is set to support Steam Workshop.

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What is Total War: Warhammer

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Developer[edit | edit source]

Total War: Warhammer is being helmed by Creative Assembly, the British developer behind previous instalments in the long-running strategy franchise. The series began with 2000's Shogun: Total War, and Warhammer will mark its tenth instalment. The studio is also known for its first-person horror game Alien: Isolation, and will develop the upcoming sequel to Halo Wars.

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Total War: Warhammer is the first game in a planned trilogy.