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Winds of Magic

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The Winds of Magic provide spellcasters with their source of power. The available magic is depleted when a spell is cast. They recharge quickly at first, but get slower each time a new spell is cast until eventually they no longer recharge. The Winds of Magic pool is shared across all spellcasters in a player's army.

Winds of Magic Panel[edit | edit source]

The Winds of Magic Panel is part of the Battle User Interface located in the bottom right of the screen.

If the player's army contains no spellcasters, this Panel will simply be a golden image of Morrslieb, the Chaos moon which strongly influences magic in Warhammer lore.

The Power Meter[edit | edit source]

However, if the player's army has spellcasters, the center of this panel will be a blue meter with a number between 0 and 30. This is the Power Meter. This indicates the current amount of Winds of Magic available to the player's army.

If the player has selected a spellcaster unit, such as an Empire Light Wizard, then the caster's available spells (up to 6) will be arranged around the Power Meter.

If the caster has access to more than one lore of magic, then a small bar will appear above the Winds of Magic Panel with buttons to switch between the lores.

Each spell has a cost in Winds of Magic such as 4 for a relatively weak spell or 16 for a very powerful one.

The Reserve Bar[edit | edit source]

The small blue bar to the right of the Power Meter is the Reserve Bar or Recharge Bar. It indicates how much magic is left to refill the main Power Meter, as well as how fast the Power Meter will recharge. A full Reserve Bar means that the Power Meter will recharge very fast and that there is lots of Magic left if the player can wait.

Every time a player uses one of their spellcasters to cast a spell, the Reserve Bar will go down permanently.

When the Reserve Bar reaches 0, the Power Meter will no longer recharge.

Some character abilities can cause the Reserve Bar to recharge slightly.

Magic availability in the Campaign, and "Gambling"[edit | edit source]

"The fickle Winds of Magic blow whence they will..."

In Warhammer lore, the Winds of Magic are extremely unpredictable at times blowing a gale and at others suddenly still. As a result, the amount of magic available to the player's army in a battle in the Campaign mode can vary greatly depending on the army's location. The Map will tell players how strongly the winds of magic are blowing in any given Province.

At the start of a battle in the Grand Campaign, the player is presented with the option to gamble, or to accept the current amount of magic available. If the player chooses the "gamble" option then the amount of magic and reserve magic may go up or down at random. As such, it is generally inadvisable to gamble if the Winds of Magic meter is at 15 (out of 30) or higher.

If the result is positive and the amount of magic rises above the previous total, then flavour text appears stating that "Ranald favours you!"

Bound Spells[edit | edit source]

Bound Spells are spells - the same ones in the various lores of magic. However they are conferred by an item or other ability/upgrade and do not cost winds of magic to cast. A character need not be a wizard/caster to cast a bound spell. Bound Spell ability buttons are put next to the character portrait window in battle.

For instance the Ruby Ring of Ruin confers Fireball (from the Lore of Fire) as a bound spell when equipped by a character.

Lores of Magic[edit | edit source]

Introduced in Total War: Warhammer:

Introduced in Total War: Warhammer II:

Types of Magic in the lore, which aren't included in the games yet[edit | edit source]

  • Lore of Nehekhara (Tomb Kings only)
  • Lore of The Great Maw (Ogre Kingdoms only)
  • Lore of Hashut (Chaos Dwarves only)
  • Lore of Tzeentch (Chaos Warriors and Chaos Daemons)
  • Lore of Nurgle (Chaos Warriors and Chaos Daemons)
  • Lore of Slaanesh (Chaos Warriors and Chaos Daemons)