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Wood Elves are unlike other races in that they are capable of occupying any settlement on the campaign map with no ill effects, being unaffected by either the Climate or Regional occupation systems. The drawback is that they are limited in what buildings they can construct in settlements outside of Athel Loren.

There are three types of settlements that Wood Elves can occupy: forest settlements, Asrai Lookouts, and the Oak of Ages. Each type has its own kind of settlement building chain.

Forest settlements[edit | edit source]

Forest settlements or Elven Halls are the main Wood Elf settlements, constructed within the confines of Athel Loren. These settlements have far more building slots than the cities of other races.

In The Old World campaign, there are the following forest settlements:

Mortal Empires retains all the forest settlements from The Old World, but adds the following:

In the Eye of the Vortex campaign, there are:

In the Season of Revelation, there are many forest settlements as well.

Additionally, the settlements of Gaen Vale in Avelorn (province), as well as Lothern (settlement), allow the Wood Elves to build all their buildings and upgrade to level 5.

Asrai Lookouts[edit | edit source]

Any occupied settlements outside of Athel Loren are converted into Asrai Lookouts, limited settlements that only provide a single open construction slot. Asrai Lookouts are capable of constructing buildings that give small, stackable faction-wide buffs and allow casualty replenishment and global recruiting at local recruiting prices. Each Asrai Lookout also provides amber.

Oak of Ages[edit | edit source]

The Oak of Ages is a unique settlement located in Yn Edri Eternos. The Oak of Ages is the most important settlement to the Wood Elves as it plays a crucial role in their wonder-based victory condition, and its destruction means an instant loss. Upgrades to the Oak of Ages result in large faction-wide buffs, but cost amber.