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The Wood Elves tech tree consists of technologies that unlock new advantages throughout the game. Research takes place constantly, but the rate at which discoveries occur can be increased by using heroes to spy or building additional research buildings at your settlements.

Tech tree[edit | edit source]

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Technologies[edit | edit source]

Tech Prerequisite Cost Effects Description
Wh dlc05 wood elves asuryan.png Asuryan, the Creator
The aloof creator of the Elves keeps his thoughts and plans well hidden from mortal eyes.
Resource amber.png 2
  • Diplomatic relations: +40 with Dwarf Realms
  • Construction cost: -40% for all buildings
  • Income from all buildings: +20%

Though Asuryan enjoys the title 'Creator', and is considered the highest of the Elven pantheon by the High Elves, he is just another deity to the Wood Elves of Athel Loren. In the Pantheonic Mandela of the Asrai he is banished to the outer circle, while Kurnous and Isha take pride of place at the centre.
Wh dlc05 wood elves cadai.png Cadai
As the rulers of the heavens, the Cadai watch over the Asrai.
Resource amber.png 2
  • Diplomatic relations: +30 with all factions
The Elven Pantheon is split into two distinct groups, the Cadai and the Cytharai. The Cadai are the gods of the heavens and are openly worshipped by all the Asrai. The Cytharai, on the other hand, are the gods of the Underworld, or Mirai, and are often appeased rather than worshipped. As the Elves of Athel Loren are free to worship as they choose, their are those who take the Cytharai to heart; rumours say that the warriors of the Pine Crags have forsaken Kurnous for his vengeful counterpart, Anaeth Raema.
Wh dlc05 wood elves hoeth.png Hoeth, Lord of Wisdom
Only a fool claims to have nothing to learn, the wise seek the guidance of Hoeth, Lord of Wisdom.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2
  • Lord recruit rank: +2
  • Lord recruit rank: +2

Hoeth is the Lord of Wisdom and it is said that he shared the wisdom of the gods with the first Elves. Asuryan was enraged by his actions and as a punishment set Hoeth's great library ablaze. He is the deity of choice for those seeking greater understanding, those who wish to know more of the world and their place in it.
Wh dlc05 wood elves isha.png Isha, the Mother
Goddess of the Harvest and Bountiful Land, Isha is beloved by all the Elves of Athel Loren.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Diplomatic relations: +40 with Empire Provinces
  • Growth: +50
Isha is mother to all. The legends of Athel Loren tell that Asuryan forbade her from involving herself in the lives of her mortal children. Heart broken by this decree, she chose to take mortal form along with her consort, the God of the Hunt, Kurnous. Together they became Ariel and Orion, and Athel Loren was transformed into a realm divinely blessed.
Wh dlc05 wood elves kurnous.png Kurnous, the Hunter
This powerful God of the Hunt sits side by side with his immortal love, Isha, at the heart of the Elven pantheon.
  • Hero recruit rank: +2 for Branchwraiths
  • Campaign movement range: +10%
As the God of the Hunt, Kurnous embodies much of what it means to be Asrai and as such is held in high esteem by all the Elves of Athel Loren. In his mortal form, as the god-King Orion, his life is tied to the seasons. Born anew each Spring, he walks willingly into his funeral pyre come Midwinter. This is not before he has led his people on the Wild Hunt, a call of the wild that sees even the most civilised of the Asrai abandon themselves to their primal urges for its duration, allowing peaceful coexistence for the rest of the year.
Wh dlc05 wood elves ladrielle.png Ladrielle, Lady of Mists
Protector of all that is hidden and lost, Ladrielle comes to the aid of those who wander the dark places of the world.
  • Diplomatic relations: +40 with Bretonnian Kingdoms
  • Enemy Hero action success chance: -5%

The Lady of the Mists is the patron of those who travel the wilderness and protector of all that is lost or hidden. There are many Elves in Athel Loren who chose to live in the wilderness rather than suffer the dull life of a courtier. Waywatchers and Waystalkers feel the call of the forest coursing through their veins and find, from an early age, that they are more at home in the wild places of the Deepwood than in the halls of their kin.
Wh dlc05 wood elves lileath.png Lileath, the Maiden
When Elves dreams of a great undertaking, it is Lileath whispering to them as they sleep.
  • Magic resistance: +10% for all units
  • Magic item drop chance: +5%

Like many of her fellows, Lileath seldom involves herself directly in the affairs of the Elves, choosing instead to send messages through the medium of dream. This Goddess of the Moon and patron of seers, scholars and mages is said to be able to see the true intent of one's heart. She does not judge based on what an Elf does, but on what he intends to do.
Wh dlc05 wood elves loec.png Loec, the Trickster
Loec the Trickster protects the souls of Wood Elves from Slaanesh's perverse, Ruinous reach.
Resource amber.png 1 Loec the Trickster is beloved of Wardancers and all those who tell the history of Athel Loren through song and dance. He is a benevolent deity who gifts his followers with cat-like grace; all he asks in return is unswerving loyalty and ritual wardances. However, Loec's love does not end when an Elf leaves the mortal realm. He has even been known to steal souls from Slaanesh, using his cunning and intellect to win their freedom from an eternity of torment.
Wh dlc05 wood elves the ancients.png The Ancients
Wisest of all who dwell in the forest of Athel Loren, the Ancients have forgotten more than most Elves learn in a lifetime.
  • Unit experience: +2 for all unit recruits
  • Speed: +10%
  • Leadership: +10

Older than the forest itself, the Ancients of Athel Loren are to be revered and feared. Sadly, many of them have passed into memory and those that survive to this day are not the gentle forest spirits of old, but vengeful guardians bent on protecting their home no matter the cost. When an Ancient dies, their essence is absorbed back into the forest and all their wisdom passes on to their fellows. Only two remain, possessed of the knowledge and pain of all their fallen brethren.
Wh dlc05 wood elves vaul.png Vaul, the Maker
Vaul the Maker works tirelessly to craft weapons to aid the Elves in the battles to come.
  • Income from all buildings: +5%
The battles that raged between the gods in millennia past had many casualties, and Vaul was chief amongst them. Wounded by Khaine, Vaul is both blind and crippled, but this does nothing to lessen his skill. He is the God of the Forge and patron to all those who work an anvil. He toils endlessly, creating weapons of great power to pass on to the Elves, for he has seen their doom and knows they will need all the help they can get.
Wh dlc05 wood elves addioth.png Addaioth, Bringer of Fire
Wrath and fire - the gifts that Addaioth offers those who worship him.
  • Ammunition: +10% for all units
  • Armour: +20% for Elf infantry and cavalry units
Addaioth is known as the Bringer of Wrath and Fire, and is one of the few Ellinilli to survive the trick played on their father by the Trickster God, Loec. Unlike his siblings, who fled and hid from their father, he met him in battle and the two fought for three days and three nights. However, Addaioth was no match for his father. Luckily for him, Ladrielle saw his predicament and blinded Ellinill, spiriting Addaioth away to the mortal realm.
Wh dlc05 wood elves anath raema.png Anath Raema, the Savage Huntress
Goddess of the Savage Hunt and woman spurned, Anath Raema's heart rots with vengeance.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Melee attack: +15 when fighting against Beastmen Warherds
  • Missile damage: +25% when fighting against Beastmen Warherds
This vengeful goddess is known as the Savage Huntress. Where Kurnous teaches his followers that to take from the forest without giving back is wrong, Anath Raema encourages it. It is said that she once had feelings for Kurnous but he spurned her affections and it was rejection that turned her heart to vengeance. Though her worship is frowned upon in the high courts of Athel Loren, there are whispers that the warriors of the Pine Crags have chosen her over Kurnous.
Wh dlc05 wood elves atharti.png Atharti, Lady of Desire
They who give themselves over to the pursuit of pleasure would do well to court the favour of Atharti.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Global recruitment capacity: +4
This Elven goddess has the power to turn mortal men into bowing supplicants, she is a master seductress and can see the deepest desires of any Elf's heart. This makes her a dangerous deity to follow - she encourages her followers to completely give themselves over to their desires at the cost of all else. She is also the sister of Hekarti and the two have a fierce rivalry.
Wh dlc05 wood elves cytharai.png Cytharai
The Gods of the Underworld are treacherous, but their power is undeniable.
Resource amber.png 2
  • Global recruitment duration: -1 turn for all units
The Elven Pantheon is split into two distinct groups, the Cadai and the Cytharai. The Cadai are the Gods of the Heavens and are openly worshipped by all the Asrai. The Cytharai, on the other hand, are the Gods of the Underworld, or Mirai, and are often appeased rather than worshipped. As the Elves of Athel Loren are free to worship as they choose, their are those who take the Cytharai to heart; rumours say that the warriors of the Pine Crags have forsaken Kurnous for his vengeful counterpart, Anaeth Raema.
Wh dlc05 wood elves drakira.png Drakira, Queen of Vengeance
Those who seek a quiet life, away from society, honour Drakira.
  • Ambush success chance: +20%
  • Ambush defence chance: +20%
The Queen of Vengeance, Drakira, is ever ready to help an Elf seeking retribution for some slight or other. She choses to spend her time away from the other gods and as such is the favoured goddess of the Waystalkers, who prefer to spend their time deep in the forest. Though Drakira is quick to grant her gifts, they seldom come without a price and she is just as quick to claim that in payment.
Wh dlc05 wood elves eldrazor.png Eldrazor, Lord of Blades
Those who yearn to fight in the name of honour must seek out Eldrazor.
  • Melee attack: +5 for all Elf infantry units
  • Weapon strength: +5% for Elf infantry units
As the patron of duellists, Eldrazor is venerated by those who fight for honour. This makes him particularly popular with the Eternal Guard, who are often called upon to fight trials by combat in the name of their Lord. To fight in the Arena of Blades is the highest honour an Eternal Guard can hope to achieve. Not only because it is a mortal extension of Eldrazor's Arena of Death, but also because by sacrificing his life he could save thousands of others.
Wh dlc05 wood elves ellinill.png Ellinill, Lord of Destruction
For those that crave the destruction of their enemies, Ellinill is always happy to help.
  • Charge bonus: +10% for Dryad, Tree Kin and Treeman units
  • Recruitment cost: -5% for Dryad units
The Lord of Destruction has a complicated past and an even more complicated relationship with his children. Legend tells that he had over a hundred offspring, known as the Ellinilli, and together they brought untold destruction to the Elves. Isha pleaded with the other gods to stop the path of destruction, but her pleas fell on deaf ears - deaf except for Loec, who saw an opportunity to use his fabled wit against Ellinill. Convincing him that his children were plotting a coup, Ellinill devoured them all.
Wh dlc05 wood elves ereth khial.png Ereth Khial, the Pale Queen
In her dark and gloomy kingdom, Ereth Khial plots new ways to reclaim the souls of the dead from Slaanesh.
  • Casualty replenishment rate: +20%
Also known as the Pale Queen, Ereth Khial is the Supreme Goddess of the Underworld. Unhappy with her place in the Elven Pantheon, she spent most of her time plotting ways to topple Asuryan from his throne. However, she has bigger things to worry about now, namely Slaanesh. The army of Elven souls she was attempting to build is somewhat diminished of late, as the Dark Prince claims many of the choicest specimens for himself.
Wh dlc05 wood elves estreath.png Estreath, Lord of Hunger
The Elves of Athel Loren know that each deity has a time and place.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Diplomatic relations: +40 with Greenskin Tribes
  • Immunity to all attrition
Estreath is one of the few Ellinilli to have survived the wrath of their father. When word reached him that Ellinill had been tricked by Loec and intended to devour his children, Estreath fled to the mortal world. There he remains to this day, refusing to return to the heavens for fear of his father's retribution.
Wh dlc05 wood elves hekarti.png Hekarti, Mistress of Magic
The Dark Mistress of Magic, Hekarti, draws those who worship her to the darker side of magic.
Resource amber.png 2
  • Winds of Magic power reserve: +20
Hekarti is a goddess of magic, but unlike Lileath she represents its darker side. A capricious deity, she pays close attention to the Elves' wants and desires, whereas other gods chose to avoid contact with them. As a result, she often finds herself in direct competition with her sister Atharti, the Goddess of Desire.
Wh dlc05 wood elves hukon.png Hukon, the Sunderer
Hukon is the Elven God of Earthquakes and one of the few surviving members of the Ellinilli.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Enemy siege holdout time: -4
The Sunderer is the Elven God of Earthquakes and one of the five Ellinilli to survive the wrath of his father by fleeing to the mortal world. Like all good fathers, Ellinill held a deep-seated distrust for his children. Although their power emanated from him, Ellinill worried that should they unite they would have the power to overthrow him. It was this distrust that Loec used to put an end to the Ellinilli's reign of terror.
Wh dlc05 wood elves khaine.png Khaine, the Bloody-Handed God
The Asrai worship where they will, choosing to honour the gods that best fit their personalities.
  • Leadership: +10 during forest battles
  • Unit experience: +2 for all unit recruits
  • Speed: +10%

Khaine is the Bloody-handed God of Murder. Where the High Elves keep their worship of him to a level that maintains his favour without completely surrendering themselves to him, the Dark Elves give body, mind and soul to Khaine. Wood Elves however, choose their deity according to their own natures. All Wood Elves hold Kurnous and Isha above all others, but are just as happy to embrace the wildness of Khaine as they are to embody the compassion of Lileath.
Wh dlc05 wood elves mathlann.png Mathlann, Lord of the Deeps
The capricious God of the Ocean is less than loyal to his followers.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Diplomatic relations: +40 with Southern Realms and Norscan Tribes
  • Income from Ports: +400%
As Lord of the Deeps, Mathlann is venerated by sailors and those that travel the deep blue sea. However, he is an uncaring deity, just as likely to curse his followers as he is to grant them safe passage. He is also known as King of Storm and Sea and has been known to send many a loyal Elf to their death. Worship at your peril!
Wh dlc05 wood elves morai heg.png Morai-Heg, the Crone
Also known as the Crone, Morai Heg is the only god in the Elven pantheon who is neither Cadai or Cytharai.
  • Ward save: +10% during forest battles
  • Leadership: +5 during forest battles
Morai Heg is the Weaver of Prophecy and Keeper of Souls - she knows and sees everything and is responsible for laying out the secrets of the future in the stars. Each and every Elven death is foretold by her. The archers of Athel Loren have a deep respect for Morai Heg; no Elven archer would shoot down a raven as they are her chosen messengers.
Wh dlc05 wood elves nethu.png Nethu, Keeper of the Last Door
The secrets of the Underworld are forbidden to those of the mortal realm. Nethu guards the pathways between them.
Resource amber.png 1
  • Diplomatic relations: +30 with Undead
  • Income from post-battle loot: +30%
  • Income from razing settlements: +30%

Nethu is the gatekeeper of the Underworld and son to Ereth Khial. He is tasked with ensuring that the few souls claimed by his mother before they could be devoured by Slaanesh remain trapped until Rhana Dhandra, and that no living soul breaks into the realm of the dead to steal its secrets.
Wh dlc05 wood elves the rephallim.png The Rephallim
Dark spirits of the Deepwood, they take the Tree Kin's very souls.
  • Hero capacity: +3 for Branchwraiths
  • Physical resistance: +10% for forest spirit and bird units
These shadowy spirits prey upon the souls of the Tree Kin. Only the most powerful of Elven souls become Tree Kin, so they are prized above all others. The Rephallim were once caged within the Wildwood, contained by the waystone markers that keep so many dark and vengeful spirits trapped. However, they were released by Ereth Khial, the Supreme Goddess of the Underworld, as she sought to reclaim some of the souls lost to the Chaos God Slaanesh.