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Lore[edit | edit source]

Xahutec, the City of Echoes is a Temple-City that fell during the Great Catastrophe, when a portal leading to the dread Realm of Chaos was opened beneath it. Since that time, the Lizardmen made several efforts to refound Xahutec, ignorant of the curse still seething beneath the city's ruins. The Mage-Priests declared Xahutec lost forever' after the portal was discovered, and finally closed. Despite this proclamation, several Mage-Priests have attempted to re-found the city over the millennia, if only for a time. The last of these was Lord Tenoq, who inherited rulership of the cursed city after the death of the ill-fated Lord Zhul. Lord Tenoq did not reign long however, and the City of Echoes was abandoned for the final time shortly after. The temple-city remains empty to this day. It is said that the sound of the city's fall echoes through time and reverberates through its ruined avenues, a residue perhaps of the opening of the rift at the height of the Great Catastrophe.[1]

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