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Xhotl, the City of Destiny was a Temple-City of the Lizardmen which fell to the daemonic onslaught of the Great Catastrophe, during which time the famed Kroq-Gar valiantly led the defence. Kroq-Gar had been serving his temple-city for only a few centuries when the Great Catastrophe occurred. Although Kroq-Gar and his spawn-kin fought many epic battles and destroyed entire armies of Daemons, the never-ending onslaught eventually caused the defenders to take refuge within their temple-city of Xhotl. There, the magical barriers of the Mage-Priests saved them for a time, but eventually collapsed.[1]

Taking advantage of a surge of uncontrolled energy, Daemons manifested themselves inside the temple-city, butchering the Slann before Kroq-Gar could ride to their aid. So did the full power of Chaos swarm over Xhotl. Although his temple-city was in ruins, Kroq-Gar and the surviving army fought their way out, buoyed by their own rage and the last blessings of their Mage-Priests. En route to their freedom, they sent many Daemons back to the abyss. For centuries thereafter, Kroq-Gar carried on a running battle in the jungle, the last army of Xhotl dwindling around him.[1]