You Can Dance

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You Can Dance is a High Elves Dilemma.

At a great masque to celebrate Vaul, the Creator, the floor is cleared so that the Phoenix King and Everqueen may dance together. The platitudes and graciousness from the crowds are unending, but afterwards many are left wondering who the Phoenix King will bestow the honour of the second dance upon? All eyes are watching even those of the Everqueen.

Choices[edit | edit source]

Dance with the matriarch of Chrace

  • -6 Influence
  • Chracian Scouts: +25% Chance of spotting nearby foreign armies, +30% Ambush defence chance

Insist that the Chrace and Ellyrion dance together

  • +18 Influence
  • -50% trade income from tariffs

Dance with the matriarch of Ellyrion

  • -8 Influence
  • Ellyrion Horsemaster: +5% Speed for Ellyrian Reavers, Silver Helms, and Dragon Princes

Do not dance at all

  • -12 Influence
  • Happy Populace: +5 Public Order (factionwide)